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For Sale: Pygora Goat Fiber, Yarn, Spinning Kits & More

At Whistlekick Pygoras, we offer fine silky, soft Pygora yarn,  luxurious roving, spinning/knitting kits and the definitive book on raising happy, healthy Pygora Goats for sale.
 Raising Happy, Healthy Pygora Goats

Raising Happy, Healthy Pygora Goats: A Herdperson's Guide to Caring For and Enjoying Pygora Goats Have you ever wondered:

  • How do you feed Pygoras properly to optimize their health and minimize the impact on your budget?
  • How do feeding requirements change for pregnant does and growing kids?
  • What types of housing, fencing and equipment work well for Pygoras?
  • What are the health care requirements of a Pygora?
  • How do you trim your Pygora’s feet?
  • How do you shear a Pygora?
  • How do you tell when a doe is close to kidding?
  • What does it cost to produce a pound of Pygora fleece?


If so, this book is for you. 145+ pages filled with useful information, full color photographs and diagrams tailored specifically for Pygora goats.To purchase a copy ofRaising Happy, Healthy Pygora Goats, contact Terri at Whistlekick Pygoras.
$21.00 (plus shipping)
 Pygora Yarn

Yarn Skeins

Pygora yarn is perfect for those special gifts, luxury items, and clothing you want to wear next to the skin. Light and lofty, it is incredibly warm even when spun very fine. The yarn tends to bloom when knitted or crocheted, resulting in a soft halo. Whistlekick Pygoras offers mill-spun yarn in laceweight and DK in a varity of colors.

Our yarn sells out quickly. Please contact us to ask about what yarn we have in stock.


 Spinning/Knitting Kits
Spinning/knitting kits from Whistlekick Pygoras contain the Pygora fiber and pattern you need to make these keepsakes.

Lace Pygora Wristlets Kit
The kit contains enough of the finest, softest Pygora fiber - washed, dehaired and ready to spin - and the pattern for these elegant, luxurious wristlets. Your choice of colors: cream, light grey, light caramel. $20. Treat yourself today.

Pygora Lace Wristlets Pygora Wristlets Detail View

Baby Hat Kit
Our first kit - a luscious, cute baby hat, complete with cables and ear flaps. Guaranteed to cuddle baby's head in decadently soft warmth. This is an heirloom gift for any special baby. $30.

 Pygora Roving
Spinning Pygora is a sensual experience for the discriminating spinner. And Whistlekick Pygora fiber is something special. Mostly type-B fleeces, the fiber from Whistlekick goats combines the best qualities of all the Pygora fleece types: incredible softness, finer than type As, with curl/crimp and sheen.

Our goats produce fiber that is soft enough for baby clothes or to wear next to the skin, and is very warm. Pygora fiber dyes and felts easily. It can be used on its own or blended with fine wool. Staple lengths are long enough for ease of spinning. When knitted, the yarn blooms, but does not shed.

Whistlekick Pygora fiber is offered in a variety of colors: caramels, grey, browns, and shades of white with grey or caramel undertones. Each fleece has its own characteristics and charms.

We shear each spring and fall. If you are interested in purchasing some of our lovely, soft, lofty, luxurious Pygora roving, please contact us to find out availability, color, characteristics and price. 


A Word About Micron Count

Micron count indicates the fineness of a fiber. The smaller the number, the finer the fiber. As a comparison, cashmere has a micron count of less then 19µ (microns); it averages 16.5µ. Mohair is 23-31µ (kid mohair is around 26µ); it averages 34µ.

Above 31µ is considered coarse for fine fiber markets. Most adult Pygora fiber averages 26.7µ. Whistlekick Pygoras average 23.1µ for fiber fineness.

An oz. of Pygora spins up to about 125 yards of 2-ply laceweight yarn.


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