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Note: For an explanation of micron counts, spin fineness and comfort factor, see ourSales & Services Page.
Whistlekick Wether - Lan Whistlekick Lan Mandragoran
Registered with PBA
Color/Fleece Color: brown caramel/brown
Fleece Type: B
Micron Count: 20.1 µ
Comfort Factor: 93.4%
Sire: Cattail Meadows Tristan
Dam: Goosecreek Farm Bee Bop a Lula

Lan is a very mellow, sweet wether. He has incredible, silky soft, shiny ringlets of fiber of a very rich brown. His wonderful fleece won Champion Wether Fleece and Grand Champion Fleece at the Autumn Pygora Fleece Show held at the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival in 2013. He is the last of Lula’s babies; she saved the best for last.
Whistlekick Wether - Toby Whistlekick Toby
Registered with PBA
Color/Fleece Color: brown agouti/light caramel
Fleece Type: B
Micron Count: 17.4 µ
Comfort Factor: 97%
Sire: Cattail Meadows Tristan
Dam: Weeping Willows Taffy

Toby is a handsome boy and will be a big goat. He is kind hearted and affectionate, poking his nose into my pockets looking for treats and angling for a pat or a scratch. His pale, soft fleece scores in the cashmere range and is thick and warm.
Whistlekick Wether - Sable Whistlekick Sable
Registered with PBA
Color/Fleece Color: Brown Agouti
Sire: Applebright Farms Filbert
Dam: Whistlekick Scarlett

Sable is a fighter. Unfortunately, his mom ,Scarlett, was not a good mother. He and his brother had to learn to eat solid food early on and to take care of themselves with my help. Born quite small, Sable also developed a bit of an infection and a temperature of 105! However, he is not a quitter and is so determined to thrive that he earned the nickname Mighty Mite. He now is a healthy, sturdy wether kid with a sweet disposition and is growing a silky, soft, creamy fleece.
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