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Sales & Services

At Whistlekick Pygoras, we offer fine silky, soft Pygora yarn and luxurious roving for sale.

Roving/Fleece For Sale
Spinning Pygora is a sensual experience for the discriminating spinner. And Whistlekick Pygora fiber is something special (check out the Fall 2008 issue of Spin-Off, page 80, for a review of Bresa's fiber). Mostly type-B fleeces, the fiber from Whistlekick goats combines the best qualities of mohair and cashmere. Our goats produce fiber that has a sheen like silk, is soft enough for baby clothes or to wear next to the skin, and is very warm. Pygora fiber dyes and felts easily. It can be used on its own or blended with fine wool. Staple lengths are long enough for ease of spinning. When knitted, the yarn blooms, but does not shed. And when you touch the roving……… such incredible softness. It must be felt to be believed.

Fiber Availability
Whistlekick Pygora fiber is offered in a variety of colors: caramels, grays, browns, cream and shades of white with grey or caramel undertones. Each fleece has its own characteristics and charms.

We shear each spring and fall. Check back often to see the lovely, soft, lofty, luxurious Pygora fiber as it becomes available.

A Word About Micron Count, Spin Fineness and Comfort Factor

Micron countindicates the fineness of the fiber. The smaller the number, the finer the fiber. As a comparison, cashmere has a micron count of less then 19µ (microns); it averages 16.5µ. Mohair is 23-31µ (kid mohair is around 26µ); it averages 34µ. Above 31µ is considered coarse for fine fiber markets. Most adult Pygora fiber averages 26.7µ, well within the kid Mohair range. Whistlekick Pygoras average 23.1µ for fiber fineness.

Comfort factor(1-100) is a measurement of how soft the fiber is. The higher the comfort factor number is, the softer the fiber. A score of 100% would be a perfect score. The average comfort factor for Pygora fiber is 80.36% for all fiber types. Whistlekick Pygoras average a comfort factor of 89.4%.

Spin finenessis an estimate of the performance of the sample when it is spun into yarn; in other words, how easily the fiber will spin. The lower the number, the finer the fiber can be spun. Whistlekick Pygoras average 26.5µ in spin fineness.



Pygora Yarn For Sale
Pygora yarn is perfect for baby clothes and clothing you want to wear next to the skin. Light and lofty, it is incredibly warm even when spun very fine. The yarn tends to bloom when knitted or crocheted, resulting in a soft halo.

Whistlekick Pygora handspun yarns entered in the 2007 Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival were awarded an average of 97 points (out of 100 total).

Yarn Availability
Our yarn sells out quickly. Check back often to see the lovely, soft, fine, luscious Pygora yarn as it becomes available.

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