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Whistlekick Pygoras - Pygora Goats and Fine Fiber

 Welcome to Whistlekick Pygoras: home of pampered, correct, well-bred Pygora goats with magnificent soft and fluffy fiber coats and mischievous, playful personalities. Pygora Goats are a good goat for small farms.

What We Offer
At Whistlekick Pygoras, we offer prime Pygora roving and mill-spun yarn for sale, as well as spinning and/or knitting kits complete with Pygora fiber and pattern. One of our proudest endeavors is our book on raising Pygora goats. And we often have socialized, well-bred Pygora kids or goats for sale to good homes. For details on what we have in stock, please see our For Sale page. 

About Pygora GoatsWhee

Pygora goats are primarily fiber goats, but they are a good goat for small farms as you can shear and spin the fiber, milk the goat and make cheese or soap, and have them keep the brush down. A smaller goat, Pygoras are friendly, playful and curious. They produce a unique, luxurious hand spinning fiber that is widely prized by handspinners.

Here at Whistlekick Pygoras, we breed for type-B fleeces. Type-B fiber is curly and should average 3-6 in. in length. There are two guard hairs: an obvious guard hair and a second, silky guard hair. Type-B fiber has luster, and the handle is soft and airy. The fiber should test, on average, below 24 microns. The fleece color is usually lighter than the guard hair color. Type B is the uniquely Pygora fleece - very versatile, warm to the touch and soft.

What Can You do With Pygora Fiber?



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Raising Happy, Healthy Pygora Goats is filled with useful information, color photographs and diagrams tailored specifically for Pygora goats. Accepted into the Library of Congress, Raising Happy, Healthy Pygora Goats is available on our For Sale page.

Book Coming Soon: Raising Happy, Healthy Pygora Goats

The Whistlekick herd is free of hoof rot and tests CAE, CL and Johnes negative.

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